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Dance Expressions Unlimited is a welcoming, nurturing, and inviting dance school that empowers our dancers and centers the dance experience around our core values - family, personal growth and progress, confidence, camaraderie, and character. Kids should be kids which is why we are passionate about age-appropriate music, costumes, choreography, and curriculum. Dance should be educational and fun at the same time.  The joy on our dancers' faces coupled with improved self-esteem and confidence reaffirm that our setting, approach, curricula, and dance-degreed adult professional faculty successfully promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.  Our countless testimonials from parents and graduates speak volumes, as do the compliments from professional dancers, dance educators, and choreographers who not only praise our dance training, but also our dancers' presence, attitude, work ethic, and demeanor.

How are we successful?

Our confident, empowered, and well-rounded dancers are testament to our teaching style.  Principles are the foundation on which great leadership is created. By encouraging creativity, thinking outside the box, innovation, and imagination, we are offering life lessons that extend far beyond dance classes.  Our holistic approach (right and left brain inclusion) incorporates mind, body, and spirit.  Beyond the physical benefits of dance, our dancers are learning about responsibility, perseverance, persistence, risk taking, problem solving, communication, cooperation, discipline, open-mindedness, and confidence - all necessary traits for successful adults.  Beyond that, they are learning to love movement and dance.Good dance teachers teach skills, technique, and choreography.  Great teachers instill a love of movement and empower the dancers to think for themselves, use what they have learned,  and create on their own.  Our adult faculty is engaging, fun, patient, loving, caring, adaptable, knowledgeable, mature, and professional. Our positive teaching principles lead to success.1) FUN, Variety, Creativity: Classes are structured to incorporate fun into the lessons because students learn more when they are enjoying themselves.  We vary our classes with Spirit Week, Beach Week, and holiday events to introduce new curricula materials, explore new movement techniques, engage in movement games, and encourage improvisation and creativity.2) Love, Empathy, Compassion, Acceptance, & Respect: Nothing helps a child grow more than love, empathy, and compassion.  We encourage all students regardless of size, ability, and coordination.  We offer unconditional respect between the student and the teacher.3) Enthusiasm: Energy, effort, and enthusiasm is a cornerstone of inspiration for all students.4) Clear Expectations and Accountability: From the very beginning, students have a clear understanding of what is expected from them in terms of effort, behavior, and recall of material.  With our positive approach and appropriate challenges, we are very successful in this regard.5) Discipline & Structure & Rhythm: We do not use punishment as a form of discipline.  Rather, we work on positivity to encourage the best in each child.   The pace of the class is adapted to the needs of the class that day and transitions from one part of class to another are easy and quick to avoid inaction and boredom.6) Positive Praise & Success: Success comes from the feeling of accomplishment. Therefore, we reward & praise improvements & advancements in technique, effort, and skill level.7) Challenge: Classes are challenging (within the realm of the class & students) to allow students to stretch and grow as persons as well as dancers.  We easily adapt material for the quick learner and those struggling with coordination.  Classes are small so that we reach every single student in class on a daily basis.8) Safety: The students’ safety is of utmost importance.Sign up for a free 7 day class pass to see how we are making a difference, one movement at a time.To learn more, click here.
FUNdamentals dance program - Preschool, Kinder, 1st Grade, Movin' and Groovin'
Ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, pilates, pointe classes, ages 3 and up
adult dance classes - tap, hip hop, Pilates, jazz, contemporary

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