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Family atmosphere without drama

This studio is the best kept secret in the area! Audrey and Lauren are true professionals who really care about the techniques and appropriateness of music and costumes. They work tirelessly to ensure that every student feels valued and receives the highest level of dance education. Many of her students have made dance a part of their life beyond high school by majoring in college, or pursuing careers connected with dance. There is such a family atmosphere without the drama that is often found in competitive dance studios. The adult program is great for beginners as well as seasoned dancers.

Smiles, giggles, and a sense of accomplishment

The teachers are very nurturing and knowledgable in all areas of dance. They are highly motivated and educated. Every student is given praise in each class and they all are learning while having a great time. I see smiles, giggles, and a sense of accomplishment from each student.


A dance family that wants you to succeed, learn, and have fun

For more than a decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the Dance Expressions Unlimited family. Over the years, I’ve grown more as a dancer and person than I ever could’ve imagined. The teachers are so very talented, dedicated, welcoming and the compassion and encouragement they show every student is undeniable. I’ve learned so much about perseverance, selflessness, camaraderie, and community that I know will help me far into the future. Along with that, I have been so grateful to have my teachers serve as phenomenal mentors and my fellow students become some of my best friends. When you come to Dance Expressions Unlimited, you are welcomed with open arms by a dance family that wants you to succeed, learn, and have fun. DEU is one of the most incredible, life changing places to be.

Home away from home

Dance Expressions Unlimited has been my home away from home for 18 years. The faculty and students have helped me grow into the woman I am today and inspired me to continue my dance education in college, with the hopes of performing in a dance company. Starting my senior year at Keene State College studying Dance and Management, I am confident that Dance Expressions Unlimited has taught me the skills and technique I need to excel in auditions, classes, and performances in years to come. I received an education from Audrey and Lauren that couldn’t have been replaced. They have become my mentors and dance family. I would recommend everyone to experience the camaraderie, and learn the strong technique that is taught in this wonderful, family-friendly studio.

Grateful to have found DEU

As you know we are relocating to the San Francisco area in the next month or so. I just want to say that over the past 4 years of CAP and dance Tina and I are so grateful that we found your studio. We’ve had so much fun watching the girls dance and learn. We could not have asked for a better place for them to go and just have fun experiencing the excitement of dance. Thank you. I fear that finding a place in San Francisco will be a disappointing struggle. The studio will have some pretty big shoes to fill. I hope you have great continued success and I hope everyone knows how lucky they are to have someone as dedicated to the love of dance and teaching as you are.

Focus on the Individual

One of the reasons we LOVE DEU is that the focus is on the individual.

Simply cannot say enough great stuff about DEU.  What a difference from the very competitive dance schools that I am used to.  THIS is the place to go if your child wants to learn and have a blast at whatever level they are.  They constantly improve in dance and confidence – and so much more!

Rhonda Hawthorne, parent and school teacher

Adult classes

I just want to say thank you for all you do to make dancing such a wonderful experience.  “The Adults” were chatting about how lucky we all were to have found you, and to be able to have such a great time dancing still!!  Many of us experienced those crazy dance teachers that seem like the norm….we’re so thankful that you’re better than that!  You allow dance to be an expression of happiness…it’s not about being thin, or dancing perfectly, it’s about loving to dance!!!

Thanks for making me want to come back year after year!

Low-key, low-stress environment

I just wanted to say thank-you for another fabulous show.  I heard great things from the guests we had in the audience- they loved the music, there were so many great numbers there wasn’t just one or two that stood out, costumes looked fantastic on stage.

Being back stage, I have to mention what a low key, low stress, fun environment it is.  All your hard work pre-recital really shines backstage.  You would think that with the number of girls and nerves running high that it would be tense and crazy, but with your organization and guidance through the dance year the girls are prepared, everyone knows their job and things run so smooth that the girls are having fun and are relaxed!  I really don’t think it is like that everywhere, and I am so appreciative for the environment you create for these girls.

Finally, I hope you can pass along a message to your helpers : I am so grateful that Madison has these girls to look up to.  Even with the number of costume changes and dances they had yesterday they all took the time to come back and spend some time with the girls.  The attention that they give the younger girls makes them feel so special, they are role models in every sense…Thank You!

Educational, supportive, fun environment

Thank YOU for a wonderful year and a great show!  Alexa just loves it at your studio – as do I.

I am always so impressed with how you motivate and inspire the kids – particularly since I have a sense of how it different it could be, were it not for your leadership and encouragement.

You’ve done a fabulous job in creating an educational, supportive and fun environment.  Having danced at four different studios over the years, I looked hard to find the right one for our family – and I’m really glad I did!


The whole show was amazing.   I think the thing that struck me most was how proud each and every dancer looked, regardless of their talent level.   You are an incredible teacher to be able to bring that out in everyone!!   It’s so refreshing to see young girls doing what they love, and believing in themselves!!  You are awesome, and should be very proud of yourself, not only with the success of the recital, but in what you are doing for each one these kid’s self esteem!!

Kind, caring, talented teachers

Dancing at Dance Expressions Unlimited has become such an amazing and important part of my life. The teachers are so kind, caring, and talented. They work very hard to make sure every student learns and has fun. When I first started dancing at this studio I was 5 years old, I never could have imagined how much of an impact dance could have on my life. 10 years later, Dance Expressions Unlimited has taught me so much and I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t started dancing here.

Fun atmosphere

My daughter started with Dance Expressions 2 years ago and has learned so much and has had a lot of fun.  Out of the three studios she has danced at, I find Dance Expressions to be a much better atmosphere.  The children are always praised for their effort.  Her teacher Lauren is wonderful!  She knows how to relate to the children which is why the girls are doing so well.  This studio offers longer classes which allows the teacher the time she needs to teach the techniques.  I found at the last studio, the classes were 30 minutes which ended up being a 20 minute class due to children needing to change shoes, etc.  I would recommend this studio.

Friends, family, mentors

The girls at DEU are more than just my classmates. They’re my best friends, my family. I wouldn’t be who I am today had I not met these wonderful girls. DEU has been the only constant in my life while everything else changed over the years. The girls and my teachers have stood by me through everything. DEU doesn’t just teach you how to point your toes or do a proper arabesque. It teaches you how to be a friend, a mentor, a role model, and a better person. The studio becomes your home away from home, teaching you life lessons along the way. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to grow up in DEU’s environment; it helped shape me into a confident young woman.

Proper technique

I have always thought of Dance Expressions Unlimited as my home away from home. Audrey and the other teachers have taught me to always use proper technique which impressed my college instructors during my audition for their dance program. Dance Expressions Unlimited is a studio where you are given a structured environment but are able to express yourself through each piece you do. I am extremely grateful to have found Audrey and Dance Expressions Unlimited as I go to college to study the choreography and performing of dance.

Growth, Confidence, Fun

We have been sending our kids to DEU for over 8 years now.  With so many dance studios in our area to choose from, people often ask me why we’ve stuck with DEU for so long.  What I tell them is that at DEU, its all about personal growth, having fun, and building confidence.  You see every body size and every body type enjoying dance.  The teachers are kind, supportive and embrace each child at their own pace.  The owner Audrey’s pep talk before the recital?  It’s all about having fun and feeling proud of each individual’s progress.  My girls have thrived at DEU – they each love to dance.  I can’t ask for more than that.

Confidence and Technique

I enrolled my 4 year old daughter in the Preschool Fun class at DEU this past year and have seen a huge improvement in her confidence as well as her technique. The teachers are able to not only teach the students the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap, but they are able to make it interesting and fun for them. As a professional ballet dancer myself I insist on my daughter learning the correct way to dance and I completely trust DEUto give my daughter the education she needs to continue for many years to come.

If you are looking for a great program for your preschooler, boy or girl, I highly recommend the Preschool Fun class. You can be sure your child will have a great time as well as learning correct technique that will provide them with the starting foundation they can use in any dance class that they take in the future.

Warm Encouraging Teaching Style

Our family’s journey with Dance Expressions began over a decade ago when I signed up for the adult classes.  What started as initial trepidation at starting something new soon turned into a through enjoyment of my once-a-week night out in a relaxing, friendly environment.  Despite the varying abilities in the class, Audrey has always managed to challenge individuals as well as create a cohesive class.  Now my young daughter has just celebrated her 5 year anniversary with the school.  She walks in to every class with a smile, and walks out with an even bigger one.  Lauren has not just taught her to dance, she has taught her to LOVE dance.  I appreciate the warm and encouraging teaching styles at the school; watching my shy little girl develop into a self-assured, confident dancer has been a delight.

Community, Beyond Dance Education

We have been with DEU for 10 years.  The dance instruction is top-notch – from day one these kids learn proper movement and have fun doing so.  The instructors not only communicate technique but rhythm and structure as well.  But a dance education here is about more than learning to dance.  This studio teaches kindness, community, giving back and being a leader – all traits that go beyond their dance education.  DEU is a small studio with a big heart and is the place to be for us.

More than just dance classes

Thank you for being such a great teacher and mentor to Danielle.  I truly believe that you, as a teacher, and the discipline of dance have helped Danielle overcome many obstacles and prepare her for the next chapter of her life in college.  She has learned so much over the years –  not only dance –  but confidence, wisdom, poise, grace, teaching skills, patience, dealing with conflict….and so much more!   It hasn’t been easy for her, but she has gained strength, wisdom and maturity that have made her a beautiful dancer and young adult.  We are grateful and very proud of her accomplishments.

Professional yet laid back

During the summer months my daughter (age 4) and I visited numerous different dance studios to try and find a good fit for her as she was interested in trying out dance for the first time.  We decided to sign up with Dance Expressions Unlimited as we felt this was a professionally run dance studio but at the same time a bit more laid back in regards to rules and regulations that my four year old daughter was required to adhere to.


Well our first year of dance is now under our belts and I am very happy with the choice that we made.  My daughter took a combo tap/ballet class once per week and the amount of dance terminology and steps that she learned in her first ten months of taking dance classes was astonishing.  She never felt pressured or exhibited any signs of fear or trepidation during classes or come recital time.  Miss Lauren and Miss Zoe, her two instructors were excellent teachers.  They mixed in fun with learning and I was truly shocked to see how much these little girls learned in their first year of dance.


During this current summer the question was brought up to my daughter again  … what do you want to try out this fall;  dance or gymnastics and it was a very loud answer of “DANCE again, please Mommy”!  We are looking forward to year #2 at Dance Expressions Unlimited and I can’t wait to see how much my little 5 yr. old progresses this year.

Friendly learning environment

I did a lot of research and interviews prior to picking a dance studio for my daughter. I instantly felt right at home at DEU. Audrey is the owner and one of the instructors. Her focus is on teaching dance but understands that children need to enjoy themselves. Audrey also adapts her teaching style on an individual basis. If you are not a “Dance Mom,” DEU is the right fit for you. There are no egos here – just a friendly learning environment.

Home away from home

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you’ve done over the last 14 years.  As parents, Lisa and I work very hard to teach our children as many of life’s lessons as we possibly can.  Always trying to make sure they understand right from wrong, the rewards of hard work and the penalties of not, the importance of being true to yourself and those around you and, most of all, find something you are passionate about and you will ultimately be successful.  But, as Amanda grew older and became more independent, we had less and less time with her.

Fortunately, her time at home was replaced with time at your studio.  Somewhere along the way Amanda found a true love for dance and, as she discovered during her auditions at Keene State, you’ve taught her well.  But dance technique is just one aspect of what she’s learned.  The various groups of older girls starting with Lauren and Leia all the way through Katie served as terrific role models.  All of them were driven, good students, non-judgmental and genuinely caring of others.  They created a culture that passed from group to group and became the “home away from home” that Amanda often talks about.  Most of all she got to see the example you have set.  When Amanda was younger, we were considering whether or not she should go to a “competition” type school.  For us this was an easy decision.  Your commitment and focus on each of your students has been what has kept Amanda there all these years.  Too many people think you need to “compete” in order to get better.  You’ve shown that constantly challenging and competing with yourself is how everyone can become their best.

Amanda has grown into a young lady that is focused, works hard for what she wants and still makes time to have a positive impact on those around her.  Please know that Lisa and I recognize that you, and what you have created in that studio, have been a significant part of making her the person she is today.


I just want to say that over the past 4 years of CAP and dance, Tina and I are so grateful that we found your studio. We’ve had so much fun watching the girls dance and learn. We could not have asked for a better place for them to go and just have fun experiencing the excitement of dance. Thank you. I fear that finding a place in San Francisco will be a disappointing struggle. The studio will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Magical kid zones

The kids zones at Dance Expressions Unlimited are magical afternoons filled with fun and creativity.   All three of our children clamor to attend them each season.  The teachers provide an enjoyable afternoon for the kids and we get an afternoon to enjoy some adult time.  They always come home happy and with all kinds of beautiful and innovative crafts.  We can’t wait until the next one!

Fun, interactive, creative kid zones

My daughter Haylie LOVES the Kid Zones at Dance Expressions Unlimited.  These programs are fun and interactive for all ages.  A theme is always incorporated into each Kid Zone given the time of year; there is a fall theme, a holiday theme, winter, and spring.  Miss Lauren and the teacher assistants do a great job coming up with new creative projects, and games for the kids to do.

Kid Zones are a fun, affordable way for your children to learn creativity, socialize, and make new friends.  Plus it gives moms and dads a relaxing kid-free night out.

Christina Martel, Parent and Dancer (Tewksbury, MA)







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