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computerInquisitive inventors, curious kids, tinkering toddlers, clever creators, playful pals, and engaged explorers abound in the Imagination Station where we go “full STEAM ahead!” Our playful preschoolers experience and explore the 5 STEAM categories – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math while moving, grooving, and having fun!

The Imagination Station continues where the Creative Arts Program left off … The CAP focused on dance, art, and music, but we began experimenting with enrichment programs that dabbled in math and engineering. Imagination Station continues with those elements and further explore science and technology to give these youngsters the STEAM advantage.  Imagination Station utilizes a variety of resources, manipulatives, and tools to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math. The focus lies in nurturing creativity and fostering the holistic approach to learning. We promote intellectual learning (vs. academic learning) which involves reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting, theorizing, and more.  This natural trial and error style of play supports children’s overall academic growth and develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills paving the way for an inquisitive and right/left brained individual.

STEAM education is an extension of STEM learning which emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In recalling what STEM education has done in the last century, the Rhode Island School of Design has incorporated ART into the mix to promote innovation, calling it STEAM. The STEAM movement has been adopted by many institutions, corporations, and schools nationwide.

The STEAM approach incorporates:steam


  • S – Science
  • T – Technology
  • E – Engineering
  • A – Arts
  • M – Math


Exploring these 5 tenets encourages creativity, imagination, inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. The application, creation, and ingenuity associated with a STEAM focused methodology results in educators, leaders, inventors, and innovators.

The Imagination Station will focus on intellectual learning, as opposed to academic learning.













Some of the MANY benefits to STEAM education?

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STEAM kids will investigate, discover, connect, create, and reflect.  Advanced or gifted children, in particular, love this style of education because they can work independently.  Similarly, all curious kids will enjoy the creative process.

The daily schedule includes tinker-time and math, music and dance, and an art project. Science and engineering platforms will alternate days.  We are committed to providing a stimulating, adventurous, unique, and FUN environment to enhance children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. First and foremost, we offer a fun introduction to the STEAM movement (Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) that will give youngsters an advantage in school. Imagination Station is a great precursor to preschool that uses a holistic approach. The curriculum fully engages all aspects of the learner – mind, body, and spirit. This synergy arises from the practical and thinking, imagination, and emotional components all working in harmony.


Imagination Station meets at Dance Expressions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am – 11:30am.

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Why Choose the Imagination Station? (Instead of a Playgroup, Daycare, Preschool, etc.)?

  • Imagination Station is so much more than a playgroup as we delve into Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – on a level for your child
  • Imagination Station faculty includes a K-12 educator whose son is a gifted learner.  In fact, this program was created in response to how he learned, explored, and played.  With much research on gifted children, the Imagination Station was created to allow all children, including gifted learners, adequate challenges to enhance problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Imagination Station allows children to tinker, explore, and build while they collaborate, create, and compose
  • Imagination Station works with each individual to promote social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development
  • Imagination Station focuses on the whole child paradigm with a holistic approach to learning that incorporates mind, body, and spirit while working the right and left brain
  • Imagination Station has a maximum of 14 children with 1-3 teachers
  • Imagination Station is a drop off program that encourages independence, participation, sharing, and creating
  • Imagination Station uses a wide variety of resources and manipulatives that encourage creativity, inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, imagination, and collaboration
  • Imagination Station participants do NOT need to be potty-trained
  • Imagination Station is a great precursor to preschool and kindergarten
  • Imagination Station builds lasting friendships
  • Imagination Station is educational and FUN, first and foremost
  • Imagination Station meets the needs of children between 2 and 5 – socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically
  • Imagination Station faculty has the knowledge and over 30 years experience working with children
  • We have the supplies and we clean the mess!
  • No risk, one week FREE trial offer!


DetailsImagination Station
WHOAges 2-5
WHEREDance Expressions Unlimited 73 Progress Ave. Tyngsboro, MA 01879 978-649-2022
WHENTuesdays and Thursdays

Testimonials from the preceding CAP program

“The Creative Arts Program is a wonderful, integrated program that incorporates many different areas of development. The children learn thru music, arts and crafts, and dance. My daughter Haylie has been enrolled in the program for two years.  She has learned and experienced so much and most importantly had fun doing it. Lauren is wonderful with the children to quote my daughter, ‘She is the best teacher I ever had.’ If you are looking for a fun, rewarding, and developmental program for your child, I highly recommend the Creative Arts Program.”

Christina Martel, parent and dancer

“All parents want what’s best for their children, in all areas of their lives. When the time comes to enroll your child in an early childhood program, I recommend none higher than Audrey’s Dance Expressions Unlimited’s Creative Arts Program. In this wonderfully developmentally appropriate program children, above all, have FUN! They have fun because they are in a safe and secure environment. They have fun because the innovative curriculum allows children to move, create, explore and experience the world as young children should. Kids have so much fun in the CAP that they absorb new information without even realizing that learning is taking place. The Creative Arts Program has been invaluable to our family, as it helped our son develop an instant enthusiasm for school. The beaming grins that we saw on our child’s face every day going to, from or at school should be experienced by all parents. With fondest memories and utmost confidence, I highly recommend the Creative Arts Program to all!”

Jill Beguhn – early childhood educator and parent of a CAP graduate.

“The Creative Arts Program is fantastic. Our son, Evan, will complete 2 1/2 years in the Spring of 2011. He has experienced and learned so much. In addition to hours of fun and enjoyment, CAP has instilled a joy of learning. It has been a very rewarding program for both parents and child alike. As much as he loves to play, learn and create with his teachers and friends, we as parents enjoy watching him mature, grow, learn and gain confidence every day. This program has filled our son with joyful memories and our home with lots of beautiful artwork. CAP is a gentle and personalized approach to learning and playing and is phenomenal for easing children in to a school routine.”

Trudi & Paul Roberts – parents of a CAP graduate.

The Curricula

STEM & Enrichment

Imagination Station utilizes a variety of resources, manipulatives, and tools to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math. We promote intellectual learning (vs. academic learning) which involves reasoning,  hypothesizing, predicting, theorizing, and more.  This natural trial and error style of play supports children’s overall academic growth and develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills paving the way for an inquisitive and right/left brained individual.


We use music from Dance Expressions Unlimited’s extensive collection of educational children’s music in addition to the licensed and parent-recommended Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms® program. They have won two prestigious Parent’s Choice Awards, a NAPPA Parents Award and three Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Audio Awards as well as Best of Philadelphia Best Children’s Music Classes. Because we emphasize a well-rounded experience, the music features a mix of folk, pop, original, traditional, and world music.


We employ the Creative Movement Curriculum©, a syllabus created by our director, Audrey Dascomb, RDE. The published NRDE approved curriculum was developed in 1989 and has been sold to dance studios, daycares, enrichment centers, as well as public and private schools. The curriculum units include Body Awareness, Locomotion & Axial Movement, Space, Time, and Energy along with unique movement activities and hundreds of musical selections. The curriculum is designed to encourage the whole child paradigm by stressing right and left brain inclusive thinking.


The art projects presented in the Creative Arts Program (CAP) are carefully chosen and vary in medium. Typically, students will take home a project daily (unless it is a two day project or it needs to dry, etc.). All CAP projects are coordinated with the themes presented in class, just as in the music and dance lessons.



Imagination Station observes the following holidays and Massachusetts vacations.

ThanksgivingNov. 22 & 24, 2016
ChristmasDec. 20 & 22, 27 & 29, 2016
February VacationFeb. 21 & 23, 2017
April VacationApr. 18 & 20, 2017


Tuition Policies

  • Tuition is due BEFORE the first of each month (during prior month) if paying by check or cash.  Clients on automatic billing will have tuition paid on the first of the month.
  • Tuition is $175.00 per month.
  • Tuition is based on approx. 10 months of classes (Sept-June) and an overall tuition amount. Monthly tuition is determined by taking total amount and dividing appropriately. Tuition is the same each month, regardless of the amount of weeks that month.
  • Annual Non-Refundable $30.00 Registration Fee.
  • Minimum of 5 persons per session.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis – limited enrollment.
  • All payments must be secured by a credit card.

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