Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Fun Guide

Our Summer 2017 Fun Guide has something for everyone!  First, we have unique Kid Zone workshops for ages 2-12 with interactive and engaging themes.  We also offer one week dance sessions for our dedicated dancers who want to perform for the community in our annual holiday concert.  Our intermediate and advanced level dancers will benefit from our 5 week summer session and our Boot Camp in August.

summer 2017 fun guide


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Kid Zone Workshops (ages 2-12)

Building Buddies (ages 2-5) – Your budding builders will tinker with Tinkertoys, build bridges, layout Lincoln Logs and Legos, maneuver magna tiles, and much more … as they solve problems.  Our STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) helps develop critical thinkers, problem solvers, and risk takers!

Superheroes Training Camp (ages 3-8) – Your superhero or heroine will create a superhero, design a costume, and work on speed, dexterity, and agility.  This creative approach will inspire imagination, creativity, and fantasy.

Rainbow Trolls (ages 4-8) – Our bugaboos will dance through a hair-raising adventure exploring the colors of the rainbow with science.  Experiments, exploration, and examination will encourage your budding scientists in a natural, engaging, and fun setting.

Power Rangers Training (ages 3-8) – Your little ranger will explore the various traits of the power rangers – strength (green), loyalty (blue), leadership (red), power (yellow), and love (pink) while they defeat obstacles and save the day.  We will make swords, masks, and belts to complete our power rangers training.

Storybook Camp (ages 3-8) – Our little adventures will enter a magical world and “experience” a storybook.  We will make the book come alive with movement, science, art, and more!

Spy School (ages 6-12) – Your little sleuth will awaken some detective skills using logic, intelligence, recollection, speed, deduction, accuracy, agility, and survival.  Spies will employ messages, codes, ciphers, morse code, and so much more to solve the mystery!


Dancers – Juniors (ages 6-12), DEE (ages 12+)

These summer sessions were created to provide an additional performance opportunity for dancers at the holidays – something different than the many local versions of the Nutcracker and an opportunity to give back to the community. Most dancers who begin in the Kiddie Dance program end up in the Dance Expressions Ensemble (DEE). The DEE performs exclusively for community charitable events including Project Santa every year. Note that there are no auditions required to be a DEE member.

Participants in the summer sessions below may perform in our annual (free) Happy Holidays Concert in December which benefits area food pantries and the Toys for Tots campaign. Prior dance experience is necessary. Keeping summer vacations in mind, each program meets one week only from Monday to Thursday (DEE meets M-F with a sleepover and So You Think You Can Dance show on Thursday evening). We provide FREE rehearsals in the fall (schedule is approximately every other Friday and a few select Saturdays instead of Fridays – beginning mid-September) to prepare for the show.

Why participate? Dancers’ benefits:

  • Additional performance opportunity beyond the annual year-end show
  • Learn new repertoire which applies techniques and skills – dancers advance more quickly
  • Camaraderie, team work, cooperation
  • Free fall rehearsals
  • Give back to the community




Summer Dance Program & Boot Camp

  • 5 week Summer Dance begins Tuesday July 12th
  • Intermediate, advanced, adult dancers
  • No classes on 7/26
  • Schedule subject to change; classes may be added




  • Jump start the fall season
  • Prepare for Nutcracker auditions
  • Brush up on your skills
  • For intermediate and advanced dancers


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