Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Fun Guide

Our Summer 2018 Fun Guide caters to ages 4-10! 

A Sneak Peek

Enjoy this montage of the fun at our DEU Winter Olympics 2018.  This gives you an idea of the fun movement and games that we incorporate into our Kid Zone and summer programs (along with crafts, science, edibles, projects, art, and so much more!).


DEU Circus

Step right up to the DEU Circus!   Ringmasters with clowns and cyclists, acrobats and animals, trapeze and tightrope artists will dazzle you with their circus arts!  The greatest show at DEU will, also, celebrate music, dance, juggling, hula hoops, and magic!  Send in your clowns to join us at the DEU Circus for a rousing great time!

DEU Olympics

Skiing, skating, and sledding, oh my! Add to that gymnastics and judo, swimming and sailing, running and rowing … and so much more!  Activities will explore fitness, teamwork, and technique!  Bring your athletes to compete at the DEU Olympics!

Magical Creatures

Wander into the world of magical, mythical creatures … unicorns, trolls, gnomes, fairies, mermaids, and more!  These darling sprites from pop culture (Trolls, Sherlock Gnomes, Little Mermaid, Secret of the Wings, etc) will come to life with crafts, science, magic, edibles, games, and so much more!  We can’t wait to share the adventure with your little pixie!

Wicked Good Spirits

Interesting villains have been popping up everywhere from Disney Channel’s Zombies movie to Descendants 2 to Wicked to Vampirina to Hotel Transylvania 3!  Are the characters wicked?  Are they good?  Or are they Wicked Good?  Walk on the wild side with us as we create, imagine, and explore good versus evil!


Summer 2018 Themes

We have scheduled two short weeks of amazing themed Kid Zones – a highlight of Dance Expressions Unlimited.  Four themes in two weeks means summer family fun plans don’t get interrupted!  The weeks of July 10-12 and August 14-16 (Tues, Wed, Thurs), we have separate morning and afternoon Kid Zone sessions.  Children can eat lunch at DEU and participate in both sessions.  This means kids have more time to Move, Create, and Explore while parents enjoy a longer stretch of time to relax or get things done! Summer Fun 2018

DEU Circus

DEU Olympics

Magical Creatures

Wicked Good Spirits

Why register for our summer programs?

Your child will:

  • Gain independence, courage
  • Be a part of something
  • Have a creative outlet
  • Remain physically active
  • Maintain some sort of routine
  • Work on responsibility
  • Explore, engage, create, and imagine
  • Develop an interest
  • Connect with parents more as they explain the days’ events
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase intellectual stimulation

Parents will:

  • Enjoy time to yourself
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Connect with your child as you listen about their day, events, and activities
  • Establish a schedule to keep rhythm in the summer
  • Encourage your child’s creativity
  • Appreciate your family more

Please note that other summer programs (5 week program, dance camps) will be added based on interest and faculty availability. 


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