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At Dance Expressions Unlimited, we are committed to providing a quality, comprehensive and individually tailored dance education for both recreational dancers and aspiring professionals.  Our classes are designed to accommodate recreational dancers wanting fun, fitness, sport and camaraderie as well as those with higher goals in mind. For students who excel and may wish to pursue a career in dance, we offer a Dedicated Dancer Track to help make their dreams a reality. At Dance Expressions Unlimited, it is our priority to ensure that all students benefit from the excitement, energy, creativity, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the faculty to become well-rounded individuals.  First and foremost, we strive to impart a love of dance and joy of movement in our students. Classes are disciplined, non-competitive, and nurturing to enhance and encourage progress in EACH student at all skill levels and ages 3 and up, including adults.


Movin’ & Groovin’ (ages 3 and 4)
Creative kids, motivated movers, and engaged explorers abound in the Movin’ & Groovin’ class.  Boys & girls are empowered to push the limits of their own bodies and imagination while discovering new ways of moving, appreciating the joy of movement, and having FUN.  Using the elements of dance (time, space, and energy), students solve creative problems, thus encouraging creative expression and holistic thinking. The class incorporates basic tumbling, obstacle courses, parachute activities, rhythm instruments, etc. The Creative Movement for Children Curriculum was developed by Audrey Dascomb, RDE, based on research and years of experience with the youngest group of dancers.

FUNdamentals Classes (Combination Classes – ages 4-7 approx)

Preschool FUN (age 4-5 approx) – 1 Hour – Tap, ballet
Kinder FUN (age 5-6 approx)- 1.25 hours – Tap, ballet
1st Grade FUN (age 6-7 approx) – 1.5 hours – Tap, ballet, and jazz

FUNdamentals classes are designed to offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters learning with an emphasis on FUN. FUNdamentals classes at Dance Expressions Unlimited are taught by either the director, Audrey Dascomb, RDE (Registered Dance Educator and BFA in Dance) or Lauren Boucher (BFA Degree in Dance), who has studied dance instruction for the younger dancers under Audrey since the age of 12. FUNdamentals (and Movin’ & Groovin’) classes will:

  • Instill a love of dance and joy in movement
  • Provide an excellent technical foundation in the disciplines of ballet, tap, and jazz as they advance through the fundamental levels – curricula has been evaluated by the National Registry of Dance Educators
  • Enhance strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture & poise, and rhythm; increase body awareness
  • Nurture creative expression and individuality with creative movement activities, games, and exercises
  • Promote better problem solving and listening skills
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • And last but not least, inspire the dancers to have FUN!




003Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Body placement, efficient movement and range are enhanced through barre, adagio, petit allegro, grand allegro, center combinations, and turns. We also explore anatomy and work on grace, poise, posture, and alignment.

This is an extension of ballet which introduces the student to Pointe shoes. Pointe work begins at teacher’s discretion. Two ballet classes must be taken in conjunction with Pointe.

Tap is a rhythmic style of dance. Rhythm, coordination, and musicality are enhanced through warm-ups focused on speed and rhythm exercises, as well as combinations. We explore Soft-shoe, swing, rhythm, Broadway, and Boogie Woogie styles.

Many styles of jazz are explored through warm-ups, isolations, stretching, footwork, progressions, turns, leaps, and combinations. Styles include lyrical, classical, musical comedy, musical theatre, and funky. Ballet classes are strongly recommended in conjunction with jazz.

Hip-hop is a style of jazz dancing using moves commonly seen on TV in commercials, movies, and on YouTube. Class consists of isolations, warm-ups, and stretches as well as across the floor and center combinations in a variety of age-appropriate styles.

Contemporary (Tween-Adult)
Contemporary style is a fusion of ballet, modern, and jazz. Body awareness, strength, flexibility, and creative expression are explored in the techniques of Hawkins, Horton, Limon, and Cunningham, among others. Ballet classes are strongly recommended in conjunction with modern.Ballet classes are strongly recommended in conjunction with contemporary.



Adults, from inexperienced to former advanced dancers, are welcome at Dance Expressions Unlimited.  We are one of the first dance studios in the area to offer adult classes.  Offerings include:

Adult Hip Hop
No experience needed – see description above.  Adults with a lot of previous training are welcome to take our advanced hip hop class (yes, there are other adults in advanced tap).

Adult Tap
Little experience needed – see description above.  Adults with a lot of previous training are welcome to take our advanced tap class (yes, there are other adults in advanced tap).

Experience required – Adults with dance experience take the advanced jazz class (yes, there are other adults in advanced jazz).

Experience required – Adults with dance experience take the advanced contemporary class (yes, there are other adults in advanced contemporary).

Pilates (Teen-Adult; no experience necessary)
Pilates is an exercise method that uses controlled movements with breath patterns to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. Each movement exercise has a clear focus, not just on the major muscles of the body, but on the smaller stabilizing muscles as well. Pilates is a safe and effective way to build core strength and body awareness without building bulk or stressing your joints. Each movement can be easily modified based on strength and injuries if needed, so everyone (dancers and non-dancers alike!) can get the most out of class.

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