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Dance Expressions Unlimited in Tyngsboro, MA centers the dance experience around our core values – family, personal growth and progress, confidence, camaraderie, and character. We provide a developmentally appropriate dance curriculum for dancers of all ages and skill levels in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, creative movement, pointe, and Pilates. In our family-oriented studio, kids will be kids which is why we are passionate about age-appropriate music, costumes, choreography, and curriculum. We empower our students with our welcoming, nurturing, stimulating, safe, and structured dance environment. Our core values in conjunction with our setting, curricula, and dance-degreed adult professional faculty allows us to reach our mail goal – to instill a love of movement in all our students and offer an experience that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development leading to more confidence and self-esteem.

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Features and Benefits of DEU

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Features and Benefits of DEU
Dance Expressions Unlimited is the ONLY studio Massachusetts and New Hampshire with a Registered Dance Educator – one of only 40 in the country (educator has been tested & evaluated & found to be of superior ability with regard to curricula, technique, content, teaching methods, style, safety, aptitude & ability)


Dress Code

Dancewear is required. Absolutely no shirts, shorts, or sweatshirts allowed (Adult attire is comfortable clothing; leggings, etc.). Hair needs to be pulled back. Ballet shoes must be bought at a dance store.

Movin' & Groovin' (age 3-4)Any color leotard, tights, skirt, tutupink ballet slippers
FUNdamentals (age 4-8 approx)any color leotard, tights, skirt, tutupink ballet slippers; black tap shoes
Balletblack leotard, pink tightspink ballet slippers
Tap, Jazz, Hip Hopblack leotard, tights, black jazz pantsblack tap shoes; black jazz shoes (split sole low boot, no ties); black hip hop sneakers


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  • ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend all classes on time and with the proper attire.
  • ABSENCES/MAKEUPS: Make-ups are allowed (within one month) only if the studio is notified at least one hour prior to class time. NO CREDIT or financial adjustments for absences or weather cancellations.
  • WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: Classes are cancelled if Tyngsboro schools have been cancelled due to weather or power outage. If there is a delayed opening due to weather in Tyngsboro and surrounding towns, there will be no morning classes. If schools have early dismissal due to weather and/or afternoon/evening activities are cancelled in Tyngsboro and/or surrounding towns, there will be no afternoon or evening classes. Check the studio Facebook page or the website home page (scroll down to News Now) for updates on cancellations. Makeups for snow days are allowed with a comparable class or if faculty is available to reschedule.


Tuition is based on an overall tuition amount for September-June. For your convenience, we offer 10 monthly payments or 2 semester payments.

Automatic Periodic BillingPayment by Check or Cash

Monthly Automatic Billing - Charge/Debit Card (preferred method)Tuition setup for automatic payment on the first of the month (Nov. & Feb. payments will include tuition AND costume payments).

  • Monthly tuition (10 payments) - paid on the first of each month; Registration includes first month's tuition, June tuition, and registration fee (if applicable)
  • Semester tuition (2 payments) - semester one paid at registration and semester 2 paid on Feb. 1st. Semester tuition is the overall tuition amount divided in half (2 semesters).
    Tuition:Tuition is due during the PRIOR MONTH (before the 1st of the month).

    • Monthly tuition is due before the 1st of each month/ Registration includes first month's tuition, June tuition, and registration fee (if applicable)
    • Semester 1 tuition is due at registration and semester 2 tuition by Jan. 31st. All outstanding payments on the first of the month will be charged to the card on file for your convenience and ours.
      • If we need to process tuition on the card twice due to late payments,we will automatically adjust your account to periodic billing for your convenience and ours.
    • Deposits ($50/costume) paid on Nov. 1st with tuition
    • Balances paid on Feb. 1st with tuition
      • Deposits ($50/costume) are due by Halloween (Oct. 31st)
      • Balances are due by Jan. 31st.

        Monthly Payments (10)

        • Payment is same each month, regardless of weeks that month. Monthly tuition rate is the overall tuition amount divided by 10 equal payments.
        • Registration includes first month’s tuition, June tuition, and registration fee (if applicable).

        Semester Payments (2)

        • Semester tuition is based on an overall tuition amount that is divided in half (2 semesters).
        • Registration includes registration fee and 1st semester tuition paid in full.

        Financial Notes

        • Payment Terms – Credit Card (MC, Visa, Discover), Cash, Check
        • All payments must be secured with a credit card or debit card with logo (MC, Visa, Discover). It is strongly suggested that payments are set up for automatic periodic billing – it is more convenient for both you and the dance studio. This eliminates forgotten payments and allows us to handle accounts receivable in a timely manner which allows more time for class preparation.
        • Any outstanding payments (monthly tuition, semester tuition, costume deposits, costume balances, etc.) will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. All discounts are forfeited if tuition is late. A student may be excused from class if tuition is one month overdue.
        • Tuition is based on an annual amount that is then divided into 10 monthly or 2 semester installments for your convenience. The payment is the same regardless of the amount of weeks that month or attendance. For example, a one hour class is $650.00 for the school year which equates to $65.00 per month or $325.00 per semester.
        • NO REFUNDS given. No credits, refunds or adjustments given for holidays, absences, or weather cancellations.
        • Upon registration, we are holding your space in class for the year. We offer a free trial class first before making any commitment. Should you discontinue classes, you are responsible for paying tuition until the appropriate withdrawal form is submitted to the director.
        • Fees – $25 fee for returned checks and declined charges
        • Registration fee (annual, non-refundable) = $25/individual or $45/family
        • Tuition is $20/hour, $23/1.5+ hours, and $25/2 hour classes when paying weekly and/or prorating classes.
        • Personal checks are not accepted after April 30th for the current dance season. Checks are always accepted for summer and fall registration.


        Tuition Chart

        • 1st class column is for one class/week/month
        • Rest of chart refers to multiple classes within one family
        • Every class after the first class is discounted
        • To determine monthly tuition for multiple classes – list in order from longest to shortest with corresponding prices and add
        Length1st Class2nd Class3rd Class4th Class5th Class6th Class7th Class
        1 hour$65$60$55$50$45$40$40
        1.25 hrs$74$68$62$56$50$44$40
        1.5 hrs$83$76$69$62$55$48$41
        2 hrs$92$84$76$68$60$52$44


        Sample Tuition

        (based on multiple classes within one family – list classes in order from longest to shortest, find corresponding prices, and add)


        2 hour ballet


        1 1/2 hour jazz


        1 hour tap


        TOTAL Tuition

        $223 / month

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