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A snapshot of Dance Expressions Unlimited

Scenes from Dance Expressions Unlimited …. Little girls twirling in their tutus, leaping with delight.  Boys bounding across the room with their never-ending energy.  Adults sweating it out, proud of that new skill and empowered with their new style.  Teens helping the tweens with vocabulary flashcards.  Dancers helping one another to learn, remember, and perfect skills, techniques, and choreography. 

Your child will twinkle, sparkle, and blossom with confidence as they journey on an adventure with our encouraging, engaging, warm, supportive, and experienced faculty.  You will notice the progress and growth, not to mention glimmers of sportsmanship and leadership.  The camaraderie can be felt as these dancers become great friends and family.  Such magical moments help your child discover his or her full potential while exploring life skills and developing character.

A family friendly studio with a focus on progress, camaraderie, confidence, and character

family friendly dance studio in Tyngsboro MADance Expressions Unlimited in Tyngsboro is a Family-friendly school that centers the dance experience around our core values – Progress and Growth, Camaraderie, Confidence, and Character. Kids should be kids which is why we are passionate about age-appropriate music, costumes, choreography, and curriculum. We empower our students with our welcoming, nurturing, stimulating, safe, and structured dance environment. Our core values in conjunction with our setting, curricula, and dance-degreed adult professional faculty allows us to reach our main goal – to instill a love of movement in all our students and offer an experience that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development leading to more confidence and self-esteem.

At Dance Expressions Unlimited you will find confident children …. beaming with pride … working in harmony.  Your child will not only learn dance skills in an age-appropriate manner, s/he will also learn vocabulary, definitions, techniques, concepts, dance history, music theory, composition, and anatomy – all while building character and life skills to help establish their future.

What are you looking for?

What do you want from dance classes?  Do you want children loving the dance experience and thriving with confidence?  Do you want an emphasis on personal growth and development?  Or would you rather have a stronger focus on perfect execution to win awards at competitions?  It’s important to match your ultimate goals with dance studio values – decide what’s important to you and try to find the best fit.

My Story – Audrey Dascomb, RDE

I loved dance growing up, but I never had the body to be a ballerina.  As a very shy, chubby, introverted young girl, dance was the only place where I could open up and be myself.  My teacher saw something in me and encouraged me to assist with classes when I was 12. I soon realized I had a knack for helping people understand movement better because I could break it down easily for them.  Watching them have those “light bulb” moments (the “aha, I get it” moments) inspired me to have my own dance studio someday.  I saw, in those teen years, that I could reach the children who learned a bit slower, or those who were uncomfortable with their bodies, or those who had low self-esteem. I began teaching dance when I was 14 and haven’t stopped.  I graduated the top of my class at a Dance Teacher Education 3 Year course on a full scholarship and with highest honors.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college with a BFA degree in dance where I learned how to dance longer, stronger, and more efficiently.  I then got Teacher Certification K-12 and I taught dance in public schools, daycare centers, and dance studios for 6 years before I opened my own dance studio in MA in 1996.  I have since created many curricula that are sold nationwide to rave reviews and am a Registered Dance Educator, one of only 40 worldwide.  My greatest pleasure is watching someone finally master a step or someone improving in class.  I get as excited, if not more so, than the students themselves.  I squeal with delight, show the dancers the goosebumps on my arms, or simply tear up as I admire the progress.   I am not in the business of developing So You Think You Can Dance stars, professional ballerinas, or Broadway babies.  Rather, I proudly help every single student who walks through the doors, both young and not-as-young.  I stress that the only competition you have is yourself.  My motto is that dancers shouldn’t compare themselves to others, but to aim to be better than they were yesterday.  My dancers gain knowledge, skills, and techniques, but more importantly, they gain confidence and character to lead them through the future.



Did you know that there is NO REGULATION within the dance studio industry? Anybody can own a dance studio as there are no qualification, standardization or licensing requirements. As a result, many dance studios are staffed by under-qualified faculty and/or directors. This makes choosing a dance studio a more difficult decision because no two studios are alike.

At Dance Expressions Unlimited, we are experts in child development and know how and when to teach specific skills to allow the greatest progress in a safe and fun manner. We impart a love of dance in our students with a safe and nurturing environment to empower them.  Rather than drilling shapes and dance tricks, we focus on movement, dynamics, and each individual.

Lauren Boucher

lauren boucherLauren Hunt has studied dance under the instruction of Audrey Dascomb, RDE since 2001. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Lake Erie College. There, she learned cutting edge techniques which allow dancers to move more efficiently, minimizing the potential for injury. During the course of her education, Lauren studied with several artists-in-residence, including renowned dancers such as Cha-Lee Chan, Helanius Wilkins, Troika Ranch, and Habib Iddrisu. She also studied four years of tap under Sarah Savelli, who has recently toured with Savion Glover, a renowned tapper of the present day.    Lauren takes master classes regularly to stay current with techniques and trends in the dance world.

Lauren has experience teaching all ages and levels and is also First Aid and CPR certified (pediatric and adult).  She is and educator for the Dance Express program, she has Pilates certification, she choreographs local musicals, and loves to work with the Dance Expressions Ensemble. Additionally, Lauren is working on earning certification for an adaptive dance curriculum called Rhythm Works Integrative Dance.  Lauren is excited to share her education and love of dance with her students.

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Testimonials from Parents and Dancers

We asked our dancers and their parents for 3 words to describe Dance Expressions Unlimited.  Here’s what they shared:

We asked our dancers why they love Dance Expressions Unlimited.

Please read our testimonials below which address a variety of concerns or questions (events, class, researching a studio, teaching style, recital, teachers, and more).  Testimonials are from parents, school teachers, a professional ballerina, and college students who have gone through the entire program.   Additionally, the bottom of this page highlights our Teaching Principles.  The principles, testimonials, and videos, can give you a great idea about our program and the culture of the studio.

More Testimonials

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you’ve done over the last 14 years. As parents, Lisa and I work very hard to teach our children as many of life’s lessons as we possibly can. Always trying to make sure they understand right from wrong, the rewards of hard work and the penalties of not, the importance of being true to yourself and those around you and, most of all, find something you are passionate about and you will ultimately be successful. But, as Amanda grew older and became more independent, we had less and less time with her. Fortunately, her time at home was replaced with time at your studio. Somewhere along the way Amanda found a true love for dance and, as she discovered during her auditions at Keene State, you’ve taught her well. But dance technique is just one aspect of what she’s learned. The various groups of older girls starting with Lauren and Leia all the way through Katie served as terrific role models. All of them were driven, good students, non-judgmental and genuinely caring of others. They created a culture that passed from group to group and became the “home away from home” that Amanda often talks about. Most of all she got to see the example you have set. When Amanda was younger, we were considering whether or not she should go to a “competition” type school. For us this was an easy decision. Your commitment and focus on each of your students has been what has kept Amanda there all these years. Too many people think you need to “compete” in order to get better. You’ve shown that constantly challenging and competing with yourself is how everyone can become their best. Amanda has grown into a young lady that is focused, works hard for what she wants and still makes time to have a positive impact on those around her. Please know that Lisa and I recognize that you, and what you have created in that studio, have been a significant part of making her the person she is today.

Zach and Lisa Untracht, parents (Chelmsford)


My daughter Haylie LOVES the Kid Zones at Dance Expressions Unlimited.  These programs are fun and interactive for all ages.  A theme is always incorporated into each Kid Zone given the time of year; there is a fall theme, a holiday theme, winter, and spring.  Miss Lauren and the teacher assistants do a great job coming up with new creative projects, and games for the kids to do.

Kid Zones are a fun, affordable way for your children to learn creativity, socialize, and make new friends.  Plus it gives moms and dads a relaxing kid-free night out.

Christina Martel, parent and dancer (Tewksbury)


The kids zones at Dance Expressions Unlimited are magical afternoons filled with fun and creativity.   All three of our children clamor to attend them each season.  The teachers provide an enjoyable afternoon for the kids and we get an afternoon to enjoy some adult time.  They always come home happy and with all kinds of beautiful and innovative crafts.  We can’t wait until the next one!

Kristina Leedberg, parent (Dunstable)


I just want to say that over the past 4 years of CAP and dance, Tina and I are so grateful that we found your studio. We’ve had so much fun watching the girls dance and learn. We could not have asked for a better place for them to go and just have fun experiencing the excitement of dance. Thank you. I fear that finding a place in San Francisco will be a disappointing struggle. The studio will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Shannon Self, parent (Tyngsboro)


During the summer months my daughter (age 4) and I visited numerous different dance studios to try and find a good fit for her as she was interested in trying out dance for the first time. We decided to sign up with Dance Expressions Unlimited as we felt this was a professionally run dance studio but at the same time a bit more laid back in regards to rules and regulations that my four year old daughter was required to adhere to. Well our first year of dance is now under our belts and I am very happy with the choice that we made. My daughter took a combo tap/ballet class once per week and the amount of dance terminology and steps that she learned in her first ten months of taking dance classes was astonishing. She never felt pressured or exhibited any signs of fear or trepidation during classes or come recital time. Miss Lauren and Miss Zoe, her two instructors were excellent teachers. They mixed in fun with learning and I was truly shocked to see how much these little girls learned in their first year of dance. During this current summer the question was brought up to my daughter again … what do you want to try out this fall; dance or gymnastics and it was a very loud answer of “DANCE again, please Mommy”! We are looking forward to year #2 at Dance Expressions Unlimited and I can’t wait to see how much my little 5 yr. old progresses this year.

Jen West, parent (Dunstable)


As a Registered Dance Educator (RDE), Audrey provides a nurturing atmosphere where she educates the whole child in the area of dance. We have found that Audrey’s studio provides a solid dance education for dancers of all ages, expertise, and drive. Audrey is not only enthusiastic but also deeply committed to provide the best possible experience for your dancer, whether they are recreational or want to pursue a career in the area of dance. Consider Dance Expressions Unlimited for your child’s dance education. Your child will receive expert instruction, while having fun, and grow into confident, self-assured, well-rounded dancers. We know this first hand, since in one year we have seen amazing improvements not only in our daughters’ dance ability, but more importantly in their confidence and self-esteem.

Cathy and Norm Boucher, parents/dancers/school teacher (Lowell)


We have been with DEU for 10 years. The dance instruction is top-notch – from day one these kids learn proper movement and have fun doing so. The instructors not only communicate technique but rhythm and structure as well. But a dance education here is about more than learning to dance. This studio teaches kindness, community, giving back and being a leader – all traits that go beyond their dance education. DEU is a small studio with a big heart and is the place to be for us.

Vicky Geary, parent and dancer (Westford)


I did a lot of research and interviews prior to picking a dance studio for my daughter. I instantly felt right at home at DEU. Audrey is the owner and one of the instructors. Her focus is on teaching dance but understands that children need to enjoy themselves. Audrey also adapts her teaching style on an individual basis. If you are not a “Dance Mom,” DEU is the right fit for you. There are no egos here. Just a friendly learning environment.

Sharon Hoole, parent (Tyngsboro)


I enrolled my 4 year old daughter in the Preschool Fun class at DEU this past year and have seen a huge improvement in her confidence as well as her technique. The teachers able to not only teach the students the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap, but they make it interesting and fun for them. As a professional ballet dancer myself, I insist on my daughter learning the correct way to dance and I completely trust Lauren to give my daughter the education she needs to continue for many years to come. If you are looking for a great program for your preschooler, boy or girl, I highly recommend the Preschool Fun class. You can be sure your child will have a great time as well as learning correct technique that will provide them with the starting foundation they can use in any dance class that they take in the future.

Rebecca Shelton, professional dancer and parent (Groton)


Our family’s journey with Dance Expressions began over a decade ago when I signed up for the adult classes. What started as initial trepidation at starting something new soon turned into a through enjoyment of my once-a-week night out in a relaxing, friendly environment. Despite the varying abilities in the class, Audrey has always managed to challenge individuals as well as create a cohesive class. Now my young daughter has just celebrated her 5 year anniversary with the school. She walks in to every class with a smile, and walks out with an even bigger one. Lauren has not just taught her to dance, she has taught her to LOVE dance. I appreciate the warm and encouraging teaching styles at the school; watching my shy little girl develop into a self-assured, confident dancer has been a delight.

Kim Siddle, parent and dancer (Tyngsboro)


Thank you for being such a great teacher and mentor to Danielle. I truly believe that you, as a teacher, and the discipline of dance have helped Danielle overcome many obstacles and prepare her for the next chapter of her life in college. She has learned so much over the years – not only dance – but confidence, wisdom, poise, grace, teaching skills, patience, dealing with conflict….and so much more! She has gained strength, wisdom and maturity that have made her a beautiful dancer and young adult. We are grateful and very proud of her accomplishments.

Lisa Walsh, parent (Tyngsboro)


We have been sending our kids to DEU for over 8 years now. With so many dance studios in our area to choose from, people often ask me why we’ve stuck with DEU for so long. What I tell them is that at DEU, it’s all about personal growth, having fun, and building confidence. You see every body size and every body type enjoying dance. The teachers are kind, supportive and embrace each child at their own pace. The owner Audrey’s pep talk before the recital? Its all about having fun and feeling proud of each individual’s progress. My girls have thrived at DEU – they each love to dance. I can’t ask for more than that.

parent of 2 dancers (Westford)


My daughter has been dancing at Dance Expressions Unlimited for 5 years and her enthusiasm for dance has only grown over those years. She is always ready to go to class, she is never bored, and she has a great deal of confidence. Her positive attitude is a direct reflection of how she is treated by her teachers and fellow students. We chose Dance Expressions Unlimited because it is a non-competitive studio that focuses on dance education. Students are given the attention that they need in order to make progress and refine their technique. Class sizes are small and personal and this allows students to learn in a very trusting and fun environment. Dance Expressions Unlimited celebrates each individual student’s strengths while challenging their weaknesses. Positive reinforcement and patience are consistently practiced in an environment of high expectations. Dance Expressions Unlimited fosters confidence and individuality in each of its students. The teachers are outstanding individuals devoted to the success of each student.

Kim Bukowiec, parent and dancer (Tyngsboro)


My children have gained self-confidence, poise, and appositive sense of body awareness. They have developed a genuine love of dance that is leading them to a lifetime of enjoyment of dance. A non-competitive, nurturing atmosphere was an important consideration for us. That the studio is owned and run by a Registered Dance Educator (RDE) provided benefits that we were not aware were available. Having previously belonged to a competitive dance studio, we found that the negativity in the competitive dance environment was adversely affecting our daughters’ enjoyment of what had always been their favorite activity. All that changed for the better when we began classes at Dance Expressions Unlimited. Attending classes at Dance Expressions Unlimited has meant learning and growing in a nurturing environment that ignites our passion for dance. Dance Expressions Unlimited employs highly qualified instructors who look at the whole child/adult when teaching dance. My daughters have maintained a love of dance and have received such a high quality education that they are enthusiastically pursuing dance as a part of their college educations.

Norm and Cathy Boucher, parents/dancers/school teacher (Lowell)


The girls at DEU are more than just my classmates. They’re my best friends, my family. I wouldn’t be who I am today had I not met these wonderful girls. DEU has been the only constant in my life while everything else changed over the years. The girls and my teachers have stood by me through everything. DEU doesn’t just teach you how to point your toes or do a proper arabesque. It teaches you how to be a friend, a mentor, a role model, and a better person. The studio becomes your home away from home, teaching you life lessons along the way. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to grow up in DEU’s environment; it helped shape me into a confident young woman.

Danielle Walsh, dancer (Tyngsboro)


Dancing at Dance Expressions Unlimited has become such an amazing and important part of my life. The teachers are so kind, caring, and talented. They work very hard to make sure every student learns and has fun. When I first started dancing at this studio I was 5 years old, I never could have imagined how much of an impact dance could have on my life. 10 years later, Dance Expressions Unlimited has taught me so much and I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t started dancing here.

Zoe Pappas, dancer (Dunstable)


I have always thought of Dance Expressions Unlimited as my home away from home. Audrey and the other teachers have taught me to always use proper technique which impressed my college instructors during my audition for their dance program . Dance Expressions Unlimited is a studio where you are given a structured environment but are able to express yourself through each piece you do. I am extremely grateful to have found Audrey and Dance Expressions Unlimited as I go to college to study the choreography and performing of dance.

Amanda Untracht, dance major (Chelmsford)


Your recital is beautifully choreographed and arranged. Your dancers appear confident and professional. You have clearly inspired greatness in all of your staff and students! Your work is greater, more professional, and more beautiful than any recital I have ever seen…The recital was SOOOOO fun! On top of it being such an excellent, professional production, it was also fun for everyone. Everyone was so excited and happy – this is NOT what I recall from my childhood days in dance! Again, this is a reflection of you and your positivity, joy, and optimism.

Rhonda Hawthorne, parent/choregographer/teacher (Westford)


I just want to say thank you for all you do to make dancing such a wonderful experience. The Adults were chatting about how lucky we all were to have found you, and to be able to have such a great time dancing still!! Many of us experienced those crazy dance teachers that seem like the norm….we’re so thankful that you’re better than that! You allow dance to be an expression of happiness…it’s not about being thin, or dancing perfectly, it’s about loving to dance!!! Thanks for making me want to come back year after year!

Kelly Risteen, parent and dancer (Tewksbury)


My daughter started with Dance Expressions 2 years ago and has learned so much and has had a lot of fun. Out of the three studios she has danced at, I find Dance Expressions to be a much better atmosphere. The children are always praised for their effort. Her teacher Lauren is wonderful! She knows how to relate to the children which is why the girls are doing so well. This studio offers longer classes which allows the teacher the time she needs to teach the techniques. I found at the last studio, the classes were 30 minutes which ended up being a 20 minute class due to children needing to change shoes, etc. I would recommend this studio if someone asked me.

Michelle Ronchetti, parent (Pepperell)


The recital truly was great. As I was watching, I found myself thinking, on more than one occasion, that I felt like the tickets I purchased were for a professional show. The choreography, dancing and music were FABULOUS – what a group of talented faculty and students! I’m so glad Sarah is at DEU – it is obvious that she has grown in confidence, is enjoying dance, and likes to “perform.

Karen Arsenault, parent (Westford)


What a wonderful recital, not only enjoyed by us, but also by all of the audience around us – everyone had a smile on their face. The litte ones were so very cute, all of the dancers were fabulous and the choreography was great. Your teaching skills are very evident.

Karen and Bruce Wolf, parents (Tyngsboro)


I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances of all the dancers. I just want to commend you on how wonderful your demeanor is with the kids. It’s such a positive atmosphere.

Maria Ryan, parent (Tyngsboro)


I am always so impressed with how you motivate and inspire the kids – particularly since I have a sense of how it different it could be, were it not for your leadership and encouragement.

Deb Busser, parent and life coach (Tyngsboro)


Being back stage, I have to mention what a low key, low stress, fun environment it is. All your hard work pre-recital really shines backstage. You would think that with the number of girls and nerves running high that it would be tense and crazy, but with your organization and guidance through the dance year the girls are prepared, everyone knows their job and things run so smooth that the girls are having fun and are relaxed! I really don’t think it is like that everywhere, and I am so appreciative for the environment you create for these girls. Finally, I hope you can pass along a message to your advanced dancers – I am so grateful that Madison has these girls to look up to. Even with the number of costume changes and dances they had yesterday they all took the time to come back and spend some time with the girls. The attention that they give the younger girls makes them feel so special, they are role models in every sense…Thank You!

Jennifer Boudreau, parent (Pepperell)


The whole show was amazing. I think the thing that struck me most was how proud each and every dancer looked, regardless of their talent level. You are an incredible teacher to be able to bring that out in everyone!! It’s so refreshing to see young girls doing what they love, and believing in themselves!! You are awesome, and should be very proud of yourself, not only with the success of the recital, but in what you are doing for each one these kid’s self esteem!

Susan Ryan, parent (Groton)


I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work — it is truly amazing, the things that you’ve pulled through to do for us; our success is a direct reflection of the nurture and care that you have provided us with as dancers and as young women, and i am thankful for who you have helped me to become.

Leia Friedman, dancer/teacher (Lowell)


Your style and instruction have improved my dancing far beyond what I thought possible. Every week I look forward to classes and I am never let down. There is always new material and things to improve upon. Switching studios was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, and I know I made the right one because I love dancing now more than ever.

Bailey Hanek, dancer (Tyngsboro)


I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful dance instruction that Bethany and I enjoyed at your studio this year. Thank you for being so patient with Bethany. As for myself, I have really enjoyed your adult tap class! Thank you again for a great year!

Amy Cousins – parent & student, Tyngsboro


You are truly an exceptional teacher! Taryn has learned and accomplished so much in dance this year. And, all the little extras you do – do not go unnoticed (e.g. little gifts for the children and at the holidays). We especially appreciate the personalized evaluation notes twice a year as well as the newsletter. From the moment we met you at your open house, we knew we didn’t have to look further for a dance studio. And, our initial impression turned out to be accurate.This year’s recital was your biggest and best yet! Your students performed superbly. It is a tribute to your dedication and excellence that your studio has grown to this extent in a few short years.

Charlene Trebach – parent, Tyngsboro


I just want to thank you for sparking Tessa’s interest in dance again. I was afraid that she had lost interest in something she had loved and enjoyed so much before. Don’t ever change your approach or your attitude as it has made such a difference.

Maria Ryan – parent, Tyngsboro


Thank you so much for your incredible efforts on behalf of Reilly in Toddler Town. Your skill, knowledge, and incredible nurturing are unmatched. Thanks to both of you – Reilly’s first “school” experience has been wonderful and will foster a life-long love of learning. The self-confidence that Reilly has found through your efforts will truly shape his entire future. Thank you for making such an impact and difference in the lives of my children.

Kathy Murphy – parent and student, Chelmsford


I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of your studio. It’s so great to be able to see how your students are progressing. You are an amazing teacher.

Roshni Pecora – student and colleague, Chelmsford


You have a great manner with the kids and you’ve opened a wonderful world for them to participate in with joy. Your warmth, energy, and positive approach are really appreciated in a world where everything is hurried and over or under-rated. Your dance studio has made a tremendous and long-lasting impact on my child’s life. I’m sure this is true for everyone.

Millie Robinson – parent, Lowell


I attribute Jessica’s improvement to the way she was encouraged by you. Your firmness yet constant encouragement helped her improve her skills. The small class size was important to give her the attention she needed.

Jackie Schnackertz – parent, Tyngsboro


Thank you for a very fun, exciting, challenging, and growing year! You are a great dancer, teacher, choreographer and person, who I greatly admire. Thank you for motivating and supporting me.

Leslie Steiman – student, Chelmsford


 Teaching Principles

Our confident, empowered, and well-rounded dancers are testament to our teaching style.  Principles are the foundation on which great leadership is created. By encouraging creativity, thinking outside the box, innovation, and imagination, we are offering life lessons that extend far beyond dance classes.  Our holistic approach (right and left brain inclusion) incorporates mind, body, and spirit.  Beyond the physical benefits of dance, our dancers are learning about responsibility, perseverance, persistence, risk taking, problem solving, communication, cooperation, discipline, open-mindedness, and confidence – all necessary traits for successful adults.  Beyond that, they are learning to love movement and dance.

Good dance teachers teach skills, technique, and choreography.  Great teachers instill a love of movement and empower the dancers to think for themselves, use what they have learned,  and create on their own.  Our adult faculty is engaging, fun, patient, loving, caring, adaptable, knowledgeable, mature, and professional. Our positive teaching principles lead to success.

Fun, Variety, Creativity

Love, Compassion

Unconditional Respect



Positive Praise

Discipline, Structure



Perpetual Motion


Family Friendly

At our studio, we recognize that each student is an individual, that all individuals are creative, and that we all need to succeed. With this in mind, we provide classes in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, yoga, and contemporary dance taught by professional and expert faculty. We respect the individual needs of our dancers and proudly offer a fun, nurturing and stimulating dance environment. We are committed to maintaining a safe and nurturing setting, using only age-appropriate music, costumes, curricula, and choreography.

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